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January 24, 2020

During my reflection time this morning I was thinking about what is possible in life and how do we get control of the basics let alone the more complex issues of life and I came up with this quote after thinking about the process.

“ Training creates discipline… Discipline creates control… Control creates mastery… Mastery creates expertise… Experts can train on discipline and the cycle begins again!”

And now the thought behind the quote.  I thought about my life and specifically the last two years which are extremely fresh in my mind and also have taught me  some valuable lessons at 55.  If you are around me very often you will hear me say “ Its always a training issue”.  I have used this with my coach or leader hat on and normally thinking about processes or systems, etc.   As many of you know I hav...

February 1, 2019

I am sure that everyone has experienced times in their life when L IFE HAPPENS. Sickness, death, job loss, raising children and other life situations.   Most people talk about the negative side of life when talking about L IFE HAPPENS, but there are two sides to Life Happens. There is also the side of great things.  Promotions, vacations, unexpected blessings, birth of children and grand children! There are many things to be thankful in the L IFE HAPPENS process.  At any time in life you can experience the fun and easy side of     LIFE HAPPENS and you can also experience the hard and negative side.  What you do and how you allow yourself to think through these times is what will shape you!  We have all heard that the hard times and pain seasons will shape you and make you who you really are and I...

December 14, 2018

I think anyone who follows my blog has probably experienced pain in one form or another.  Most of you like me have experienced it in many forms.  Loss of loved ones, loss of property, loss of friends, loss of relationships and pain from health issues.  I have experienced the last of these for the first time since a knee reconstruction when I was in my twenties and able to recover easier!   I now have a tremendous amount of grace and mercy for anyone with nerve pain.  Having three bulging discs in my neck have introduced me to a level of PAIN that I did not know existed!!!  The worst part is at night and with nerve pain you really cannot get rid of it!! Drugs just don’t have much effect… just take the edge off! So, you are in pain and cannot sleep a great recipe for misery!    My point is to not ta...

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