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March 1, 2019

Cycles of Life -  4 Rules of a Great Life

It is funny to me how I see things now versus how I saw things even a decade ago… Time has a way of teaching you the cycles of life.  You are either learning from them or it circles and comes back. It’s  like growing a forest, it takes time over a decade  to become mature or you set fire to it every few years and get to start the planting process over.    

4  Rules of a Great Life:

Rule 1) How you TREAT PEOPLE will determine how you are treated.  Any time you see yourself bigger than others its pride.  God sees our heart and we cannot hide. It is one of the quickest ways to lose respect.  The Golden Rule is real!

 Rule 2) How you SERVE OTHERS  will determine the depth of your relationships.  If a relationship is transactional...

February 1, 2019

I am sure that everyone has experienced times in their life when L IFE HAPPENS. Sickness, death, job loss, raising children and other life situations.   Most people talk about the negative side of life when talking about L IFE HAPPENS, but there are two sides to Life Happens. There is also the side of great things.  Promotions, vacations, unexpected blessings, birth of children and grand children! There are many things to be thankful in the L IFE HAPPENS process.  At any time in life you can experience the fun and easy side of     LIFE HAPPENS and you can also experience the hard and negative side.  What you do and how you allow yourself to think through these times is what will shape you!  We have all heard that the hard times and pain seasons will shape you and make you who you really are and I...

September 11, 2018

I can never forget!  I  was in South Dakota filming a hunting show with ESPN outdoor writer Lynn Burkhead and my lifelong hunting buddy / cameraman Rodney Hutcherson.  17 years ago cell coverage was not guaranteed and when you are in the badlands in the bottom of a canyon you do not have reception! As we drove out of the canyon, after the morning hunt, my phone exploded with missed calls.  No texts at that time it had just been invented. That fact alone dates the event since most of us think we always had texting.   I called Darlene with my “bag phone” to hear her say “ We are under attack!!”  Something I never expected in my life time….  I said slow down and tell me what is going on!  She filled me in with a very concerned voice as we drove into town that was basically two buildings one of them b...

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