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Air travel madness....

Air travel is so glamorous. Check this story out, you cannot make this stuff up!!! Plane from Myrtle Beach delayed indefinitely due to equipment failure. So quick re-routing by AA and racing to airport to make earlier flight. Ticket lady said you will not make it! I told her just let me go try...The other guy working there said let him try.. so she did with disgust. Well I made the flight! #Success , only to sit on the runway and have the flight delayed 30 minutes. Note my connection was 35 minutes. Pilot makes up some time only to basically park on the tarmac. He reports to us that our gate has a plane blocking it because they cannot get the push back tug detached from the plane!! ( second equipment problem ) so they move us to another gate IN ANOTHER TERMINAL!! The one we were suppose to park at was three gates away from my connection! I already mentioned I only had 35 minutes. So they finally park the plan and instead of let me off first, like they said they would, I waited for people to get off plane and of course I was behind people who could barely walk!!! Exit the terminal bridge FINALLY and run down to the end to go around to the other terminal only to find out you cannot go to the other terminal. They said there is a shuttle. After asking 2 different people the 3rd one actually pointed me to the shuttle exit. So I hurry down to the shuttle only to wait what seemed like 2 HOURS for it to load. I know I sound insensitive but you don't realize what kind of shape people are in until you ask them to go down stairs and board a shuttle. It took some of the people over 2 minutes to traverse two flights of stairs and board the shuttle. I guess the icing on the cake was the parents with small children who cold not get them on the shuttle! I might suggest picking them up!! I was seconds away from picking up their children and placing them on the shuttle. The terminal I needed to get two was less than 50 yards away and I wanted to just run across like Jim Carey in LIar LIar. So we finally made it and the whole time I could see the plan i was to board which was next to the shuttle terminal. Well we get about 15 yards away and the shuttle just stops for about a minute or two. At that moment i realized he had stopped so they could let the gate crew push the plane that I was suppose to board away from the gate! OH HAPPY DAY!! So guess what the new flight they put me on is also delayed now...#madness #flyingfun #AAFail I am sure I will make it home today or early tomorrow. The joys of traveling. #level10

PS. I went to the counter to confirm my seat and upgrade and they said "There is a problem with your ticket !" HA HA this is now way on the funny side of life. I fell like a Jerry Seinfeld episode. I had to go to the special services desk... sounds appropriate. Good news I do have a seat!

PSS. We are finally on plane and we had to wait almost 30 minutes for the catering truck! You cannot make this up!!! Haha - finally about to leave the gate!!

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Scott Unclebach -
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Unashamed kingdom man who has a conservative mindset.  Loves America and the freedom it provides.  Understands that everything I have is a gift from God. 

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