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Is the News news?

I am not sure how everyone else feels about the news lately, but I am not sure the News is news. It really does not matter which TV network, Radio station, or Social Media account you can read or hear something and then the exact opposite report almost simultaneously, it just seems crazy to me. I have lived over five decades and have never seen anything like what we are seeing today. Not sure any of the young people will remember the old “ Joe Isuzu” commercials where they were always flashing at the bottom of the screen “ He is lying”. Maybe this would be appropriate for the news services today? Here is what I know just stand bye.. the truth will always come out over time and you will know the success of any initiative by its fruit. Again this will be recorded in history and be unmistakable in the results. It either worked or it didn’t. It was either true or it was not. Sometimes it takes decades to get the truth, but it will come out! What the bigger picture to me is people are willing to throw out their integrity which is the only commodity we all have. What has it come to that people think lying is OK, that ½ truth is OK, that false accusation is OK. Personally I think it has been our country continually walking away from IN GOD WE TRUST over the last two or three decades. I have seen people in my own life make this decision and totally change into someone I never knew. From a life of serving others to a life of all about themselves. I really think that is what we are seeing today. Everything is acceptable, excuses for poor behavior, truth is what you say it is, I felt like doing this so it must be OK, etc. I could write a book about training our children and I truly believe it begins in the home. Until we return to what God says we will continue to head in the wrong direction. I pray daily that our country stands on the foundation it was created the foundation of God. I think the current media shake up is not over and maybe we can get back to News just simply sharing the current new without bias or opinion.

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Scott Unclebach -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Unashamed kingdom man who has a conservative mindset.  Loves America and the freedom it provides.  Understands that everything I have is a gift from God. 

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