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What is Most Important

There is no perfect answer. I would have told you something different in my 20’s , 30’s and 40’s. Now that I am in my 50’s. it has changed again. That is called getting older and hopefully wiser thru life’s challenges and opportunities. No matter what age you are the sooner you can get focused on what is important to you the better. It is also OK for that to change and evolve, it’s part of the process. What I see all around me are people that still don’t know what they want, just getting bye or going from thing to thing! Not sure why some people are focused and others are not? It really is a choice and it can start with small decisions. Decide to do good in school, decide to be a good athlete, decide to learn something you are passionate about, decide to follow someone you respect, decide to create something new, decide to be the best employee ever, the key element is decide! Once you decide then start moving toward your goal.

Life is a journey with many turns and twists. Very seldom does anything go the way you expect just ask anyone you know who has succeeded. Please know this is not about money even though its important and could be what’s most important for a season. I have had money and not had money and would always prefer to be on the have side because of the freedom it provides, but it will not bring you happiness it will bring you stuff! The goals you set that includes family, friends, spouse, children and other people you love or want to help will be the most fulfilling. We sit around and think about the later stages of our life and how we can help people, share our experiences, bless our children, give our grandchildren a better future and generally make our world a better place. I always think about Colonel Sanders who did not see his dream of Kentucky Fried Chicken start coming true until he was in his mid 60’s or Orville Redenbacher who tried over 10,000 popcorn hybrids over 19 years before getting it right! Decide what is most important and go get it! It is never too late to start..

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Scott Unclebach -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Unashamed kingdom man who has a conservative mindset.  Loves America and the freedom it provides.  Understands that everything I have is a gift from God. 

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