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What is Your Excuse Point?

This is an interesting thought process. I have often thought of this as something similar to what is your quitting point, but it is completely different. You may not quit doing something you just slow down the process with excuses! Here is what I am talking about in a real life example. My son who is a retired Navy Seal gave me a great lesson and dose of reality last night or actually early this morning. Before you say it… he is a Navy SEAL and they are different or special or better, etc. Remember what we are talking about there is always and excuse!!

He started a new blog that you can access by simply going to his Instagram account @garrettunclebach and ready his journey laced with great lessons learned as a SEAL. Anyway, here is the lesson. He committed to doing 100 days of running, and as a side note he hates running as much as I do, to get himself in better cardio shape and for other reasons you can read in his blog. His flight was delayed from returning home at 7:30 pm to 1:30 am. He actually made it to his house about 3:00 am and then made a video post as he headed out the door to RUN! Now that is being committed to something you said you would do and making NO EXCUSES! I honestly am humbled by this and have to check my own commitment to some of my goals. How many times have I made excuses. It’s too late, it’s too early, I did not get enough sleep, I am tired, I am hungry, I really don’t feel like it, etc. etc. I could keep going, but I think everyone gets the idea and the point to my comments. Most if not all of us fall into this category at some point in our life

Let’s circle the wagons. We all have to decide if we are really committed to change, learning, health, increased wealth, better spirituality, better relationships, better marriage, education, self improvement. It all sounds good, but comes back to excuses or no excuses. Are you going to make excuses or are you going to as Nike says “Just Do It”! I want to be better and I am challenged to be better and be a NO EXCUSES person! I hope you decide to day to join the journey.

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Scott Unclebach -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Unashamed kingdom man who has a conservative mindset.  Loves America and the freedom it provides.  Understands that everything I have is a gift from God. 

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