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A Key to Happiness!

We have all been around people that have something negative to say about everything even though there are plenty of things to be thankful! I think having an attitude of gratitude is one of the greatest keys to happiness! It’s a choice, discipline or decision. Basically you decide!

  • I am thankful for my health!

  • I am thankful for my amazing wife @Darlene Unclebach of 33 years!

  • I am thankful for two awesome kids and two bonus kids! @Brittany Unclebach @GarrettUnclebach @James Lashua @Lindsey Karcher-Unclebach

  • I am thankful for great friendships!

  • I am thankful for best friends! @Keith Craft

  • I am thankful for a nice home!

  • I am thankful I live in America!

  • I am thankful for a great church! #elevatelc

  • I am thankful to be involved in a great company. #IDlife

There is so much to be thankful! It could be even more simple things like having food, gas for your car or even having a car! You don’t have to look far to find something to be thankful! Decide you are going to be a person that when you walk in the room people are glad to see you! Decide to have an Attitude of Gratitude!!

PS. If you cannot find anything to be thankful…. Just take a deep breath and be thankful you are alive. It’s a good starting point!!

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Scott Unclebach -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Unashamed kingdom man who has a conservative mindset.  Loves America and the freedom it provides.  Understands that everything I have is a gift from God. 

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