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Squeeze the Lemon!

I recently said this to a millennial and they asked me what it meant? So, I explained that squeezing the lemon meant getting every last drop out of the day! Every day that goes by I am reminded life is short. There are many people that I grew up with, enjoyed watching or listening too that are now gone. Reminding me that we have but one life to live. The things that will remain are the people you impact positively that live on! It is your true legacy.

  • Look for reasons to love and not hate.

  • Look for reasons to give not take.

  • Look for reasons to share Christs love not rules and religion.

  • Look for reasons to help not hurt.

  • Look for reasons to have patience not anger.

  • Look for reasons to train and teach, don’t be silent and say let them figure it out!

What I know for sure is that we all have daily choices as we interact with people to choose to be positive or negative. To be someone who brings light or dark…. SQUEEZE THE LEMON and leave a flavor of love, hope , peace and change. Your life will be better and those around you will be better too.

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Scott Unclebach -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Unashamed kingdom man who has a conservative mindset.  Loves America and the freedom it provides.  Understands that everything I have is a gift from God. 

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