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What Really Has Value?

If you ask different people you will get different answers. If you ask young people you will get specific answers based upon experience usually based on money or fame. If you ask middle age people it is usually around career and family. When you reach your fifties and beyond you start to look at life differently. You are definitely on the downhill side of life. This makes you look very introspectively at your life, accomplishments and what is really important. You begin to determine what has value on a deep level. Here are some things that I place value. I am not telling you this is the definitive list, but it is my list.

  1. LOVE; not talking about infatuation or sex I am talking about love tested by time and pain. Real love that is deep, true and lasting is priceless!

  2. PEACE; peace that passes understanding is probably the single greatest anti-aging solution in the world. Living a life full of peace is beyond riches.

  3. FAITH; taking a step to belief in a higher being or in my case Jehovah God is learning to deal with your inner core. We are all created by God to serve others and make the world better. The sooner you come to grips with this the more complete your life becomes. Serving others may very well have the single greatest effect on your happiness. You find out it’s not about You!!

  4. FRIENDSHIP; this is the most complicated and could be argued as the most valuable too! Remember you must become the friend you want in your life. Align yourself with other people, serve them as your own family of choice, rejoice in their successes and be there thru the pain of life. When this happens you can reap the limitless joy that comes from a true friend. The bible says a friend sticks closer than a brother. There is nothing sweater than deep friendship!!

  5. HONOR; the true inner person either has it or not! You give honor to others because you are honorable not because they deserve it. When you are able to honor others with no concern of your own you enter into a beautiful realm. It truly is the deep recesses of you and when you have honor I can guarantee you that you will receive Honor! Most people search their whole life to get honor and there is arguably nothing more fulfilling.

  6. JOY; the ability to laugh at yourself and your situation is true wisdom! There is no single greater health remedy than laughter. Learning to lighten up, smell the roses and take in the grandeur of God’s creation will bring the joy that cannot be extinguished.

  7. GENEROSITY; the elixir of life. Giving to others with nothing expected in return! I really think this is one of the greatest traits anyone can have. It can be as simple of just sharing a coffee to people paying it forward in a fast food line! People who are generous find a way to be generous with their time, talents and treasure! If everyone was generous there would be no hunger or thirst in the world!

Notice money was not on the list. The size of your bank account will not bring you fulfillment without the items listed above. Owning a big home, fancy car, boat or plane does not bring happiness. The only thing that brings happiness is what is in your heart! Focus on what Really Has Value!!

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Scott Unclebach -
Entrepreneur, Speaker & Author

Unashamed kingdom man who has a conservative mindset.  Loves America and the freedom it provides.  Understands that everything I have is a gift from God. 

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