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January 24, 2020

During my reflection time this morning I was thinking about what is possible in life and how do we get control of the basics let alone the more complex issues of life and I came up with this quote after thinking about the process.

“ Training creates discipline… Discipline creates control… Control creates mastery… Mastery creates expertise… Experts can train on discipline and the cycle begins again!”

And now the thought behind the quote.  I thought about my life and specifically the last two years which are extremely fresh in my mind and also have taught me  some valuable lessons at 55.  If you are around me very often you will hear me say “ Its always a training issue”.  I have used this with my coach or leader hat on and normally thinking about processes or systems, etc.   As many of you know I hav...

May 21, 2019

Traveling has always been something I look forward too when it is for fun or adventure!  It is amazing to think we can travel the world so quickly. Just hop on a plane and in  a few hours you can be thousands of miles from where you started.  It makes the world feel so much smaller than it actually is…. We woke up in the morning overlooking one of the most beautiful views on the planet on St. Johns island in the US Virgin island chain and in just over five hours of flight we are back home to north central Texas by the end of the day.  As I have gotten older I have not taken this for granted it still amazes me that you can fly at over 500 mph with a few hundred people and a bunch of luggage to almost anywhere in the world you want in one day. 

Its seems like no matter where we go...

April 30, 2019

If you ask different people you will get different answers.  If you ask young people you will get specific answers based upon experience usually based on money or fame.  If you ask middle age people it is usually around career and family.  When you reach your fifties and beyond you start to look at life differently. You are definitely on the downhill side of life.   This makes you look very introspectively at your life, accomplishments and what is really important.   You begin to determine what has value on a deep level.  Here are some things that I place value.  I am not telling you this is the definitive list, but it is my list. 

  1. LOVE; not talking about infatuation or sex I am talking about love tested by time and pain.  Real love that is deep, tru...

March 25, 2019

We always know spring has arrived in Texas when the THUNDER ROLLS  through with the big storms.  Even though nobody looks forward to high winds, hail stones sometimes the size of tennis balls and possibility of a tornado it somehow becomes part of our normal.  It is kind of like living on the west coast, you are going to get a few earthquakes and it becomes normal in time.    What is interesting to me and is a reflection of the greater plan by our creator.  You could look at the obvious we need spring showers to bring may flowers, crops to sprout, trees to bud or a deeper thought is storms also bring renewal. 

Here is what I mean specifically just looking at a few things.  Lighting starts fires… fires burn trees and old forests… new growth begins because the sun c...

March 1, 2019

Cycles of Life -  4 Rules of a Great Life

It is funny to me how I see things now versus how I saw things even a decade ago… Time has a way of teaching you the cycles of life.  You are either learning from them or it circles and comes back. It’s  like growing a forest, it takes time over a decade  to become mature or you set fire to it every few years and get to start the planting process over.    

4  Rules of a Great Life:

Rule 1) How you TREAT PEOPLE will determine how you are treated.  Any time you see yourself bigger than others its pride.  God sees our heart and we cannot hide. It is one of the quickest ways to lose respect.  The Golden Rule is real!

 Rule 2) How you SERVE OTHERS  will determine the depth of your relationships.  If a relationship is transactional...

February 8, 2019

One of the most painful things in life, besides loss of a loved one,  is losing a friend or what we refer to as family of choice.  The reason it is painful is because it hurts at level of deep belief. You RESPECT someone, which leads to Honoring them and breeds LOYALTY.  When this is broken it hurts to the core.    This happens for lots of reasons and none of them are good reasons when you look back at the loss.  However, many times there  is absolutely nothing you can do about it because people are involved.  People choose their own destiny, friends, relationships and ultimately who they will do life.   In a previous blog I wrote that people are crazy and my opinion has not changed.  If you are a person who values relationships and are willing to put yourself out there you will walk through loss...

February 1, 2019

I am sure that everyone has experienced times in their life when L IFE HAPPENS. Sickness, death, job loss, raising children and other life situations.   Most people talk about the negative side of life when talking about L IFE HAPPENS, but there are two sides to Life Happens. There is also the side of great things.  Promotions, vacations, unexpected blessings, birth of children and grand children! There are many things to be thankful in the L IFE HAPPENS process.  At any time in life you can experience the fun and easy side of     LIFE HAPPENS and you can also experience the hard and negative side.  What you do and how you allow yourself to think through these times is what will shape you!  We have all heard that the hard times and pain seasons will shape you and make you who you really are and I...

January 8, 2019

Its 2019 and the year is off and running!  Every year I reflect on the good and bad but, not long.  It is time to move forward, make a plan and go accomplish it!  I believe that DREAMS can and do come true!   Here is what I have been telling my children at bed time since they were small.  “ You can accomplish anything you want in life as long as you are willing to pay the price!”   There are always some lucky people who win the lotto or inherit money but, what I have seen in life is it takes hard work, some more hard work, sprinkled with hard work and then when you think you have it rolling add in some more hard work!!   At the end of the hard work rainbow is usually DREAM freedom depending on how lofty your goals might be.   As I have gotten older one of the most important freedoms to me is time....

December 14, 2018

I think anyone who follows my blog has probably experienced pain in one form or another.  Most of you like me have experienced it in many forms.  Loss of loved ones, loss of property, loss of friends, loss of relationships and pain from health issues.  I have experienced the last of these for the first time since a knee reconstruction when I was in my twenties and able to recover easier!   I now have a tremendous amount of grace and mercy for anyone with nerve pain.  Having three bulging discs in my neck have introduced me to a level of PAIN that I did not know existed!!!  The worst part is at night and with nerve pain you really cannot get rid of it!! Drugs just don’t have much effect… just take the edge off! So, you are in pain and cannot sleep a great recipe for misery!    My point is to not ta...

November 22, 2018

The typical thanksgiving post is about all that we are thankful and I have allot to be thankful! In this post I want to step back behind the obvious to tell the back story.  When I think about my family and how we got to Frisco Tx it goes back to when the Unclebach family and on my mother’s side the Whetsell’s came to America back in the early 1900’s.  I have not been able to find out why they came here, but let’s assume it was for a better life like most people who leave their families and friends and venture across the ocean.  We know that both families arrived around the same time and ended up in the Chicago suburbs and ended up working in the GM manufacturing industry.  My parents dated in high school and married in college.  She became a nurse and my Dad took the corporate route.  We moved to...

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